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Using brand design for business growth

Successful brand design helps you stand out from the competition and connect with your target audience. Brand design includes anything from an identity system, editorial design, marketing materials, packaging and more. Your visual assets should not only be up-to-date, consistent and functional to build trust and brand loyalty, they should also be unique.

Memorable and functional design solutions

I help companies improve through memorable and functional design solutions. Unique and appropriate solutions are achieved by applying strategic thinking and a systematic process. In my designs I strive for clarity by reducing complexity. Simplicity is often easier to understand and helps to instantly reveal what is most important.

«I can only recommend Simona. We received a professional Identity Design that we identify with very well. Simona went beyond only providing a service and additionally helped us understand the branding process. We are now more aware of what makes a good brand.»

Mark Weber, Gap’s Cup


I’m Simona Cellar, a Swiss brand designer living and working in Zurich. My career has taken me from studying and working in Dallas, Texas to freelance designing in London. For over 11 years, I’ve worked in branding agencies across Zurich, creating award-winning identity design, rebrandings and editorial design. Since 2019 I am out on my own as an independent designer.

Headshot of Simona Cellar

Worked At

  • – gyselroth
  • – Keim Identity
  • – Meta Design Zurich

Studied At

  • – University of North Texas
  • – Academy of Art University San Francisco
  • – University of the Arts, London
  • – Ideo U: Designing a business


  • – Rebrand Award 2020
  • – World Luxury Award 2017
  • – World Luxury Award 2016
  • – Rebrand Award 2016
  • – Corporate Design Preis Nominee 2016
  • – Corporate Design Preis 2015

Selected Client List

  • – Festival da Jazz
  • – Flaschenpost
  • – Bächli Bergsport
  • – Exped
  • – Gap’s Cup
  • – Raymond-Paul Zurschmitten
  • – Patrick Zbinden