The four most common types of logos and when to use them

Your logo is just one part of your visual identity. Still, it’s an important part for people to recognize your company quickly. When you look around, you’ll notice that there are different types of logos. To be more specific, there are four types of logos that are used the most: Lettermark, logotype, symbol, and combination mark. Knowing how to choose the right one matters, because it depends on a variety of factors around your business, positioning and strategy.


A lettermark includes the initials of your company name. When your company name is very long, complicated or difficult to pronounce, it’s best to use a lettermark, so that people will remember your company easier.


A logotype includes the full name of your company. This is the most common type of logo, because it’s simple and clear and focuses on the company name, only. Use this when your company name is short or average in length.


A symbol includes a visual that’s conceptually tied to the company. Symbols on its own are only used when the brand is well established. They’re particularly effective when the visual is unique and instantly associated with the brand.

Combination mark

A combination mark includes the company name in combination with a visual. This type is the most memorable because type and image are merged together. Combination marks have the advantage of a visually appealing symbol combined with the brand’s name or initials. They provide both recognition and clarity. Use this when your company name is short or average in length.


Choosing the right type of logo can have a significant impact on connecting with your target audience and helping them remember your company. Whether it’s a lettermark, logotype, symbol, or combination mark, each logo type has its own strengths and appeals to different branding strategies.

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