Simona Cellar – Brand Designer – Gap’s Cup Identity Design

Gap’s Cup Identity Design

A memorable identity design for a unique artist


«Gap» is a Swiss Latte Art Champion (2017/18) and also hosts latte art workshops. Latte art is a way of preparing coffee resulting in special designs on the surface of the latte.


For his public brand, workshops and a possible future café Gap was in need of a professional identity design. My intention was to create a memorable identity design to help Gap build brand awareness.


The new identity design is distinctive, reflects Gap as a brand and helps build brand awareness. The claim “Coffee Art by Gap“ helps viewers to immediately understand what Gap is all about. The colorful illustration is an impression of Gap’s skills as a latte artist. An additional, clean icon was created that can be used for a more corporate setting. All the brand elements make this a very flexible and playful identity design that can be used for a public brand, for more corporate settings and a possible café.


Brand strategy, Claim, Logos and Brand Elements, Stationery, Apparel, Menu, Coffee Cup and packaging.


«I can only recommend Simona. We received a professional Identity Design that we identify with very well. Simona went beyond only providing a service and additionally helped us understand the branding process. We are now more aware of what makes a good brand.»

Mark Weber, Gap’s Cup