My process:

Whilst every project is unique, having a process in place helps to provide structure and guidance. Over my 15+ years of experience, I have developed a method which ensures that our collaboration achieves exactly what it’s set out to do.

Free Discovery Call

In this free 30-minute discovery call, we talk about what you’re looking for and how we can work together to achieve your goals. Once we’ve agreed on a rough scope of work, I’ll send you a proposal, we both sign a contract and off we go.


To start off, we jump on a kick-off call and define exactly what we want to achieve. This includes outlining basic requirements and crucial elements.

Brand Questionnaire & Strategy

Starting with a questionnaire, I want to learn all about your business, your struggles, your successes and your goals. Depending on your information, we either develop and improve your brand strategy or we skip this part and move on to the next step.


Based on your chosen service, I dive into extensive visual research on which concepts fit your industry, which design trends to avoid, future visions and best practice examples.

Concept development

I develop at least 3 concepts from which you can choose. Taking your feedback into consideration, I will make the necessary tweaks and move on to production.

Production & Refinement

If not defined yet, we look at what content and structure is needed for your deliverable(s). I then move on to creation, where you get to give feedback and suggestions. I finish by cleaning up and refining my designs.


I prepare the files and collaborate with the suppliers to manage the hand-over. The finished pieces are delivered to you.


Depending on the project, you will also receive brand guidelines to keep your brand and its projects consistent. You can share and refer to the guidelines in the future.

Done. :-)

Ready to start your own project?