Festival de Ballons Rebranding

A colorful stand-alone brand that works across all media.


The Festival de Ballons takes place each winter in the Swiss Alps. It includes international competitions with almost 100 hot air balloons, a nighttime show, hot air balloon rides and a kids’ day. The location Château-d’Oex is also linked to the Breitling Orbiter. In 1999, pilots Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones set off for the first nonstop flight around the world in a hot air balloon.


The Festival de Ballons identity design, which is linked to the tourist brand of Château-d’Oex, lacked consistency. My goal was to create a consistent design which still highlights the uniqueness of the event.


I created a colorful stand-alone brand identity which works across all media. The uniqueness of the location and time of year is immediately visible in the new visual identity. The created logo works on its own, as a graphic element or in combination with images, and mimics the movement and layers of flying hot air balloons. The blue colors pick up on the winter scenery, the reds connect to the ‘Swiss-ness’ and the purple tones are added for a whimsical touch. The black-and-white photography links to Bertrand Piccard’s historical world tour and the chosen typefaces create movement.
(Festival guide photo credits: Raymond Zurschmitten, Dominique Schreckling, Vitogaz)


Brand strategy, identity design, posters, festival guide, social media, signage, apparel

**This is a self-initiated project**


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