Flaschenpost Rebranding

“A proper dusting down without moving too far away from the roots and the visual mark.”

– Michael Rösch, juror Corporate Design Preis 2016


Flaschenpost is the largest online retailer for wine in Switzerland, offering over 15,000 types of wine.


After six years in business, the Flaschenpost brand had become quite dated and needed a new look. The redesign included refreshing the color palette, adapting the logo to a mobile friendly version, and selecting new typefaces which work with their digital presence as well as their personal and approachable customer service. The spacious display of all products and new layout principles are the core of the new Flaschenpost brand.

“Identity design means first and foremost tidying up. This is especially apparent and was done successfully. It’s nice that with all the functionality the attention to detail remained visible.”

– Henning Horn, juror Corporate Design Preis 2016


Brand refresh, graphic elements, packaging design, print collateral, product magazine.



**This project was created while working at gyselroth**

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