Raymond-Paul Identity Design

A subtle but distinctive identity design.


Raymond-Paul has been into photography since he was a kid. He specializes in nature and portrait photography.


After turning his hobby into a more professional endeavor, Raymond-Paul wanted a sophisticated corporate design to connect with his audience. The crucial point in this project was to let the work of the creative shine, instead of diverting the focus to the identity design.


To create a subtle but distinctive identity system, I focused on the most fundamental element of any identity design: the typeface. The chosen typeface transports Raymond-Paul’s brand attributes – ”confidence” and ”conversational” – very well. The hyphen of his name became a subtle visual accent which also connects different visual elements. To offset the greens and blues in Raymond’s photography, I chose a vibrant contrasting color that brings freshness into the overall look.


Brand strategy, logo and brand elements, stationery and collateral, web design, all photos by Raymond-Paul Zurschmitten

“Working with Simona was systematic, efficient and goal-oriented. She has a profound knowledge on the many different typefaces and their impact. The created logo corresponds with my photography work. The various positive feedbacks and active visits to my website prove this. I can only recommend working with Simona.”

– Raymond-Paul Zurschmitten, photographer

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