Simona Cellar – Brand Designer – Services


Intentional Design focused on business goals

Identity Design Audit (CHF 150.-)

Is your visual look consistent, flexible and contemporary? The right visual look builds trust among your target audience. In this audit I examine all visual elements used across your company: Your logo, corporate type and color, your website and social media, printed marketing material, packaging and more. I identify the problem areas and possible areas for growth. In the end, you get a written report with my results.

Logo & Identity Design

Your new business needs an appropriate overall look for the intended target audience. Your logo, corporate type and color, secondary brand elements and corresponding deliverables (Print, Editorial Design, Packaging and more) are created.


As an established company you want to take your business to the next level by improving your identity design. The rebranding process strategically examines your existing identity design elements and evaluates how much they should be adjusted or renewed. The corresponding deliverables are then created based on your needs.

Brand Design

You have an established brand and need specific marketing materials or perhaps you are launching a new product line. Based on your brand, I create anything from invitations, menus, flyers, posters, apparel, packaging design and more.

Editorial Design

Your publication should not only be easy to read and visually interesting, but also draw the reader in. Editorial design focuses specifically on typography, layouts and illustrations, as well as the material it is printed on. Projects can include magazines, festival guides, product catalogues, company brochures, books and more.



A systematic and thorough process that works

1. Discovery and Strategy Session

Starting with a questionnaire, I want to learn all about your business (ideal customer, positioning, differentiator), your struggles, successes and your goals. Depending on your information, we either develop and improve your brand strategy or we skip this part and move on to the next step. Brand strategy includes the WHY, HOW and WHAT, as well as positioning, user profiles and brand attributes.

2. Concept Development

After a visual research into design that fits your business sector, design trends to avoid and future vision, I develop 3 to 5 concepts from which you get to choose from. Taking your feedback from the presented concepts, I will adjust your concept and add the finishing touches.

3. Production and Documentation

All files are prepared to go to production. Either I give you the finished, production-ready files or I send them directly to the producer. Depending on the project, you will additionally get guidelines to keep your brand and its projects consistent. You can share and resort to the guidelines in the future, when working on a similar project.