Brand Management

Keep your visual brand organized and consistent

After we’ve worked on your design kit, you have the option to keep working with me for your ongoing design needs. This helps to keep your visuals consistent across all materials. All your created designs are stored and maintained either in a document or a brand management tool.

This option is billed on a retainer basis. This means that you get my full attention for the creation of multiple projects. Minimum engagement starts at 3 months.

Projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Business cards and stationery
  • Brochures, catalogs, guides, flyers, collaterals
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Merchandise, such as t-shirts, uniforms, tote bags etc.


  • Get multiple projects created in a concentrated time frame.
  • Expand your visual brand to a wide variety of different media.
  • Keep your brand organized and consistent.

These three outcome-oriented elements are included:

  1. Wide range of design services based on your needs
    Take advantage of this service and spread your visual brand across all media. Whether you need digital projects, print materials, packaging or signage done, I’ve got you covered. This also includes smaller projects, such as social media graphics, illustrations, infographics or different ads.
  2. Custom designs with unlimited revisions
    Your designs will be revised until you’re 100% satisfied. They are created with the elements from your identity kit. The customized visual content is tailored to the specific goals of your project.
  3. Documenting finished pieces to ensure brand consistency
    Finished design projects are stored in a document or platform that serves as a reference for maintaining consistency across all communication channels. Each stored piece acts as a template for future, similar projects and reduces the time when creating something new. This working document evolves with each new finished design project.


  • Free discovery call
  • Kick-off call
  • Research and inspiration
  • Definition of structure & content (optional: collaboration with a photographer and/or copywriter)
  • Concept development (3–5 concepts) and custom designs
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Optional: maintain consistency and promote brand growth with a brand management tool (Frontify)

Who this service is for

You’ve already received your Brand Strategy & Identity Kit. You know that with your business you need a bunch of things redesigned or created from scratch, not just one single piece. And keeping things consistent and in order is crucial for a top notch image and structure of your design assets and pieces. If that’s you, then my retainer service is the right choice.

Why I created this service

Your brand strategy & identity kit, your website or your main touch points have already been created. But you still need a large volume of work done. With my subscription service you get my full attention and close collaboration at a faster pace to get all your materials finished faster. I also make sure to document all finished pieces so that your brand stays consistent and the stored pieces serve as templates.

What I help you avoid

Once business owners get their main pieces designed, they often forget about all other smaller pieces that are just as important. By failing to do so, the quality of their brand experience is weaker than it could be. They also no longer bother to keep their brand consistent and the problem that brought them to me in the first place starts to creep back in.

With this service I help you avoid becoming a washed out visual brand again and make sure to keep your brand organized and consistent with each piece we create.

What my service is not

While our collaboration is more intense with this service, it is not intended to rush through each project.

About Me

Hi, I’m Simona Cellar. I have over 15 years of experience in the branding industry. For over 11 years, I’ve worked in branding agencies across Zurich, creating award-winning design solutions, before I set out to do my own thing in 2019.

I understand the challenges that growing businesses face and know how to transform their visual brand to attract their ideal clients.

How I am different from other branding services

A holistic and accumulative approach

My method considers all areas of your visual branding and aims to make gradual and incremental progress over time.

Starting from reviewing your brand strategy to building design elements and applying them to all touch-points (e.g., website, marketing materials), and lastly implementing brand guidelines for consistent growth over time.

1:1 Collaboration

The best solutions come from a close collaborative process between me and my client. I work closely with you to understand your vision, provide guidance throughout the design process, and teach you what a good visual brand is made of. I am always open to feedback and incorporate your ideas into the final solution.

Strategic explorations to find the best solutions

During my concept development phase I systematically explore different visual directions while always keeping your goals in mind. I’m not simply settling for the first solution that comes to mind but want to arrive at the best and most effective solution in the end.

Knowing when and how much to change a visual brand

If you want to remain connected to your existing clients, your new visual brand needs to reflect that somehow. I have the skills to determine the appropriate level of change within your visual brand, while also attracting new customers with a fresh new look.

Attention to detail

I pay close attention to the small and often overlooked details. In a competitive field, it’s these small details that reflect the quality of your customer experience and help to establish a positive reputation.

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