Brand Strategy & Identity Kit

Become instantly recognizable

The brand strategy and identity kit along with the brand guidelines build the foundation of your visual communication.


  • Attract clients that genuinely suit you.
  • Leave a sophisticated first impression that makes you stand out from the competition.
  • Showcase the best version of your business so that potential clients recognize the value and positive impact you bring to their business.

These three outcome-oriented elements are included:

  1. Brand Strategy
    We determine who you are, what you stand for and how you are different. We establishing a brand strategy that aligns with your authentic business and connects with your ideal clients.
  2. Identity Kit
    Based on the brand strategy, I create a collection of visual building blocks that make your business memorable and instantly recognizable. The identity kit is a set of design elements (Logo, color palette, typefaces, graphic elements) that stand out from your competition and will catch your ideal client’s attention.
  3. Brand Guidelines
    A collection of all design elements along with rules on how to use them, make up the brand guidelines. They can be shared with anyone creating your materials to keep your brand consistent and to the highest quality.


  • Free discovery call
  • Kick-off call
  • Brand questionnaire & strategy
  • Collaborative Pinterest board to figure out the right style
  • 3–5 concepts including visualizations on different applications to get a feel for the kit
  • Main and secondary logo(s) in different formats (print or digital)
  • Color palette defined for all media (print, packaging, digital and more)
  • Typeface selections, including alternate free fonts
  • Visual theme: icons, graphics or photographic style
  • Brand stylesheet or in-depth guidelines to keep your brand consistent
  • 2 rounds of revisions in each step

„Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do, will rise“

– Michael Jordan

Who this service is for

You’re an expert in your field who is taking over a business or practice. You’ve seen what the previous person has done with the business and understand the importance of doing it better.

My clients are usually professionals that are highly skilled and experienced in a specific industry. They’re transitioning into self-employment and are confident they’re going somewhere.

They’re established founders who are in a growth phase of their business. Their clients are willing to pay a premium and expect a unique experience.

Why I created this service

Businesses usually have a strong relationship with their current customers, but still have one of three issues they’re unable to solve:

  • They feel disconnected with their visual brand. It doesn’t align with who they’ve become over the years. This results in them not being able to attract new customers or they attract the wrong ones.
  • They feel frustrated because they aren’t perceived as competent or relevant as their competition. As a result, they lose potential customers to the competition.
  • They feel stuck because the value and the quality they bring to their customers isn’t reflected in their current branding. They’re not even on the radar of potential customers because of it.

What I help you avoid

Handling an outdated and inconsistent brand can be difficult and chaotic. Your marketing materials that were created from different sources over the years, have now become this mix of different themes. Instead of portraying a consistent image of your company, your visual brand is no longer clear but washed out and hard to recognize. How do you go about updating your visual brand and create order and maintain it?

I help you do just that and lead you through the entire process, teaching you what a good visual brand is made of and how to maintain it to keep it consistent.

What my service is not

Your brand strategy & identity kit are not a one-time activity or a quick fix. It requires ongoing attention and maintenance to ensure that your visual brand remains relevant and resonates with its target audience. It involves continually refining and evolving the brand design to stay competitive and meet changing customer needs. That’s why my services are set up in a way that help you maintain and evolve your visual brand over time.

About Me

Hi, I’m Simona Cellar. I have over 15 years of experience in the branding industry. For over 11 years, I’ve worked in branding agencies across Zurich, creating award-winning design solutions, before I set out to do my own thing in 2019.

I understand the challenges that growing businesses face and know how to transform their visual brand to attract their ideal clients.

How I am different from other branding services

A holistic and accumulative approach

My method considers all areas of your visual branding and aims to make gradual and incremental progress over time.

Starting from reviewing your brand strategy to building design elements and applying them to all touch-points (e.g., website, marketing materials), and lastly implementing brand guidelines for consistent growth over time.

1:1 Collaboration

The best solutions come from a close collaborative process between me and my client. I work closely with you to understand your vision, provide guidance throughout the design process, and teach you what a good visual brand is made of. I am always open to feedback and incorporate your ideas into the final solution.

Strategic explorations to find the best solutions

During my concept development phase I systematically explore different visual directions while always keeping your goals in mind. I’m not simply settling for the first solution that comes to mind but want to arrive at the best and most effective solution in the end.

Knowing when and how much to change a visual brand

If you want to remain connected to your existing clients, your new visual brand needs to reflect that somehow. I have the skills to determine the appropriate level of change within your visual brand, while also attracting new customers with a fresh new look.

Attention to detail

I pay close attention to the small and often overlooked details. In a competitive field, it’s these small details that reflect the quality of your customer experience and help to establish a positive reputation.

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