Simona Cellar – Brand Designer – Stucki Zahnärzte Identity Design

Stucki Zahnärzte Identity Design

A new identity design for a dentist take-over that speaks to current customers and attracts new ones.


Lukas Stucki is a specialized dentist in reconstructive oral surgery that took over a dental practice with its customers.


For his new dental practice «Stucki Zahnärzte», Lukas Stucki needed a new identity design. My goal was to create an identity design that wouldn’t alienate the existing clients, but at the same time attract new customers with a friendly and professional look.


The new identity design connects with current patients by incorporating a yellow color from the dental office within the color palette. Calmness, trust and familiarity is evoked by adding different blues. The created logo with its symbol communicates friendliness and confidence. It plays a central role in the identity design as it allows for a playful application on different media.

The newly created website caters to customers by giving them different options to make appointments via an online tool or for elderly patients via phone. New patients are greeted with an entire page that helps them to get to know the practice and processes of the dentist office.

In the end the result is a professional and confident identity design that differentiates Stucki Zahnärzte from its competition.


Brand strategy, Logo and Brand Elements, Brand Style Sheet, Webdesign, Stationery, Flyer, Apparel.


Photography by Patrick Usseglio, Website Development by Nicolai Klohk.


«It was a lot of fun working with Simona. She was very professional and included me in the entire process. Thanks to her work, I now have a fresh visual look for my dental office that I identify with very well. Within the first few months I have already received a lot of great feedback from my clients on my new website.»

Lukas Stucki, Stucki Zahnärzte