What to do when you’ve outgrown your visual brand

Remember when you were growing up, and getting a new backpack for kinder garden, elementary school, high school, and college? It was more than just a bag; it was a statement of who you were becoming and how you’ve changed over the years. Similarly, when your business outgrows its visual brand, it’s like graduating to a new level of professionalism and relevance.

But when do you actually outgrow your visual brand?

Visual inconsistencies

Maybe you’ve had this feeling of disconnect for a while but can’t quite put a name to it. The most obvious reasons are visual: Things might look a bit chaotic because you’re visually inconsistent across different platforms and never bothered to implement brand guidelines.

The visual style also portrays your personality. But this personality of yours has changed since you started out and grown. What you liked back then, no longer appeals to you today. You feel your visuals are outdated, dusty, no longer matching today’s times.

Misaligned Personality

The goal of your visual style is also to connect with your target audience. But your current style is no longer reflecting the preferences of your target audience.

But beyond the visuals, there may be other invisible reasons that are far more substantial to your feeling of disconnect.

Misaligned brand values

When you’ve been longer in business, you develop a clearer sense of self. You can tell what you stand for or don’t stand for in your line of business. But what you display outwardly on your website, marketing materials, and all other touchpoints, is content that doesn’t align with that. Although your brand values have become more focused and clearer, it doesn’t show.

Lack of or misaligned positioning

When you started out, you may not have been fully aware of your positioning. Positioning is how you make your brand stand out from your competition. Today, you know what makes you stand out and different from your competitors. Perhaps you’ve even positioned yourself in the past. But you’ve since evolved and adapted your positioning. The only problem being that this differentiator is not visible on all your touchpoints.

So what can you do about this disconnect?

Do a brand audit first

Before starting anything new and fixing this disconnect, you need to fully understand what’s not working. This is done via a brand audit. A brand audit involves assessing your brand to see how well it’s doing and what specific areas need improvements.

The most common topics of a brand audit are:

  • Brand Foundation: Look at your values, mission, and what you offer to see if they’re clear and attractive.
  • Target Audience: Paint a clear picture of who your ideal customers are and how they connect with your brand.
  • Competitive Analysis & Brand Positioning: Study your competitors and market trends to find ways for you to stand out.
  • Brand Consistency: Make sure all parts of your brand work together smoothly.
  • Brand Evolution and Relevance: Make sure to adapt and grow so your brand stays current and continues to thrive.


Fully understanding where your disconnect comes from and knowing what specific areas you struggle with; helps you find your focus and move forward efficiently.

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