Simona Cellar – Brand Designer – Festival da Jazz Rebranding

Festival da Jazz Rebranding

A contemporary look that speaks to an upscale clientele and remains connected to its established brand


The Festival da Jazz in St. Moritz is the highest Club Festival in the world that brings renowned Jazz musicians to an intimate and exclusive setting.


To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the festival decided to review its visual identity. To retain the brand recognition, it was crucial to keep the black and white mood, since it was one of the main recognizing themes of the brand design. The variable papers, fold-outs, the full-bleed images and blue spreads in the guide as well as the festival invitations are playful interactions that leave the customers surprised and curious for more.


The tension between what had to be changed and what was necessary to keep, was successfully resolved. Fundamental adaptations, such as simplifying the logo, changing the relationships of the main typefaces and reducing the many color codes to one main color blue advanced the brand to a more progressive look.


Brand Refresh, Festival Guide, invitations, Digital Poster, Social Media.


Rebrand Award 2018
World Luxury Award 2017

**This project was created while working at gyselroth**